Top 8 Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

The humanization of pets into our homes has been wonderful, but unfortunately it has led many people to simply assume that human foods, even so called Super Foods will be just as good for dogs, this is not true, and in some cases feeding these foods can have fatal consequences.

Here is a quick list of some of the key foods that you should never feed to your furry friend.
In our opinion, most vets are simply awesome people, so if your dog does eat one of these ingredients don’t delay, call a 24hr vet practice to ask some advice, simply put, that one phone call could save your dogs life.

Smashed Avo on toast might be great for you, but for your pet it can cause heart congestion and vomiting, not to mention diarrhea. The seed in the middle can also cause a chocking hazard. So all in all, avocado is very bad for your dog and you should keep it away from him. If you have an avocado tree be vigilant for fruit on the ground, also keep an eye out for neighbours trees that may drop fruit where your pet can potentially eat.

Chocolate has caffeine and theobromine. These speed up the heart rate and stimulate the dog’s nervous system. This can also bring increased urination, tremors, seizures, diarrhea and other health problems for your pet. The darker the chocolate the more risk, but even mass produced milk chocolate can be problematic depending on the size, age and type of dog.

Fat trimmings
They sound delicious for your pet, but they are actually really bad for him. Both cooked and uncooked fat trims can be the primary cause of pancreatitis for your pet. Which is why you have to eliminate them the best way that you possibly can for the best results. If your dog is in the habit of getting the trimmings off your steak, or fat off cuts when preparing the family casserole, discretely put them in the bin rather than in the dog bowl.

Garlic is actually pretty bad for your pet especially in large amounts. It can lead to anemia and some breathing problems. It won’t be hugely problematic at first, but it can definitely get worse as time goes by, so best to avoid in almost all circumstances.

Raisins and grapes
These are known for bringing kidney failure for dogs. And just like most foods on this list, they can also be the cause of vomiting. There are stories that some dogs have even died from grapes, so it’s important to keep them away from your pet.
Macadamia nuts
These nuts sound great for your pet, but they are not good at all for him. They will bring in increased temperature, vomiting, muscle shakes and weak back legs.

Dairy products
Dairy is an area of contention with some arguing it is great, and others saying to avoid. Dairy is not going to kill your dog, but it can lead to stuff like diarrhea, not to mention it might even trigger a few food allergies. It’s a good idea to keep dairy products away from your pet if you want him to stay healthy in the long run.

Raw sugar or any foods that have lots of sugar are bad for your pet. You should not feed them to your dog, as they will just end up bringing health problems. As you know, refined sugar isn’t great for humans and it’s even worse for pets, which is why you need to handle it with extra care and attention.

Foods also worth mentioning
There are many other foods you can add to this list, such as yeast, salt, xylitol, rhubarb, tomato leaves, persimmon, peaches, peppers, chives and onions.

There are lots of foods that can be very dangerous for pets, and these 8 are definitely at the top of that list. Don’t hesitate and eliminate them from your pet’s diet as fast as possible. If there are any problems with your pet after eating any of the aforementioned foods, go to the vet right away for a quick consultation!