Feeding your Kitten a Raw Diet

Your kitten has such specific dietary needs, and as new information about prey model raw (PMR) and biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) diets emerges, knowing what to feed your kitten can be difficult. Not to mention, Netflix documentaries like ‘Pet Fooled’ are exposing the appalling standards for the sourcing and manufacturing of pet food.

Cats are obligate carnivores, who neither require, nor benefit from carbohydrates. And yet, so many commercial cat foods are filled with grains, starches and other carbohydrates. This realisation has influenced a new generation of pet parents wanting a biologically appropriate diet for their fur family.

So, we’ve put together some information to guide you through the process of feeding your kitten a PMR (prey model raw) diet.

A prey model raw diet will give your kitten the best start in life.

Why Feed your Kitten a Raw Diet?

Kittens truly thrive on prey model raw diets. Cats are carnivores descendant from North African wildcats and cousins to big cats, including lions, tigers and leopards. The prey model raw diet consists of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other organs. This combination mimics the natural predator diet of their entire feline family. You may recognise this predator behaviour in your kitten if they start to hunt small animals around the house.

Cats cannot survive without protein from meat

Cats have an extremely limited capacity for digesting carbohydrates (even less so than dogs). In fact, protein is the only nutrient they are able to burn for their energy. The various nutrients they get from meat fuels every function in their bodies. If they aren’t getting enough, their bodies will suffer and they may become lethargic and prone to chronic illnesses. Despite this, commercial cat foods are stocked with carbohydrates, which are making our cats prone to illnesses and weight gain. It’s no surprise that 32% of domestic cats in Australia are overweight.

A raw diet ensures the best possible health outcomes in digestive health, oral health, skin and coat condition and energy and stamina.

How to Transition your Kitten to a Raw Diet

A prey model raw diet is suitable for weaned kittens, 6 weeks and older. Kittens up to 12 weeks old, should be fed 4 times a day. Kittens between 3 and 6 months old should be fed 3 times daily. Then once they are 6 months old, twice daily.

Your kitten will require an adjustment if a raw diet is new to them. This is completely normal and similar to what a human would experience with a sudden drastic diet change. To help with this process, refer to the table below and slowly incorporate their raw food in with their previous diet.  Remember, your kitten was build to consume raw meat, just like any other carnivore.

Don’t be concerned if your kitten’s transition takes longer, it’s best to transition them at their own pace.

Making your own Prey Model Raw Kitten Food

If you’re opting to make your own prey model raw kitten food, it might take some time and research to get to know the appropriate portion sizes, ingredient ratios and macronutrients to feed your kitten. For cats, it is important to remember taurine. Being that it is not vital to dogs’ nutrition, it can be overlooked and is a major difference between the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats. Once you find a suitable feeding guide from a trusted source, choosing quality human-grade products and seeking advice from within the raw feeding community will help ease the process.

However, if the idea of hacking up raw meat and intestines for your kitten isn’t for you, Proudi have done the hard work for you with PROUDI® Frozen Raw Chicken and Turkey Patties for cats.

Warning about supermarket mince: While supermarket mince is human-grade, it does not suffice as a complete and balanced diet for cats of any age. It’s OK every once in a while, but if it’s fed as a sole source of nutrition, your kitten could miss out on essential nutrients. It’s important to remember that there is more to a prey model raw diet than raw meat.

Finding the Right Premade Prey Model Raw Food for your Kitten

Unfortunately, the industry standards for manufacturing pet foods are completely inadequate. Shelves are lined with pet foods that are making our cats sick.

Read the ingredients 

You will notice that some cat foods have vague ingredient lists, stating what could potentially, but is not definitively found in the product. Some may even advertise as a beef product and list chicken as the first ingredient. If there is this much mystery as to the main protein source, imagine the mystery behind quality and the entire manufacturing process.

Only choose complete and balanced and human grade diets

A popular option for kittens is PROUDI® Frozen Raw Chicken and Turkey Complete and Balanced Diet. Once your kitten weighs more than 80% of their expected adult weight, they can eat either of the raw frozen patties for cats, including the roo and beef formula.

Proudi Frozen Raw Chicken and Turkey Feeding Guide for Kittens

Proudi Raw Frozen Chicken Patties are great for kittens. However, the feeding guide provided on the packaging only applies to adult cats. Please use the feeding guide below when feeding your kitten.