About Us

Our story began when Dennis, an entrepreneur and animal lover, went searching for a premium pet food for his French bulldog, Fergus.

Dennis believes our companion pets deserve only the best daily nutrition so his requirements were simple – highest quality, real ingredients, nutritionally appropriate.

Despite many hours, days and weeks of searching, it became apparent that the product quality and nutritional standards Dennis was seeking were not being delivered by existing products. So he decided to start his own company and manufacture products that WOULD meet his expectations.

Dennis met James, an MBA-qualified Animal Nutritionist, Small Animal Health Practitioner, and raw feeder. They looked at the market and saw that most pet owners did not have easy access to optimum nutrition for their pets, and that was NOT okay!

As a raw feeding advocate, James shared his passion for species-appropriate raw nutrition for dogs and cats. With scientific research continuing to validate raw as the biologically appropriate form of nutrition for companion canines and felines, James could see this was the future of pet food.

His previous exposure to the pet food industry had confirmed his fears – quality and transparency were sadly lacking from commercially manufactured options and ingredient selection showed a complete disregard for biological appropriateness and naturally balanced nutrition.

So together, they set out to raise the standard of companion animal nutrition, and Raw Feeders’ Kitchen was born!