5 Essential Rules For A Happy Dog

Being a pet owner is quite the responsibility. Not only do you need to take good care of his nutrition and general health, but you also have a responsibility to make your pet happy. Which does bring the question, how do you make your pet happy? We created a quick list that will help you figure out how to boost pet happiness the right way.

Focus on nutrition

Usually the best thing you can do is to find the right nutrition system for your pet. Opt for lots of nutrients, not a ton of carbs, and not too many treats. The importance of pet nutrition is well researched, and if you are taking the time to investigate you might want to consider the ancestral diet, basically known as the raw food diet. It really helps your pet stay in shape and it helps manage many health problems, too many of which stem from poor diet. The ancestral, prey model diet does take a bit more effort than feeding dry kibble, but it will be worth it.


Yes, exercising is very important for pets and humans alike, yet too many pets (and people) simply don’t get enough. It’s crucial to ensure that your pet is active, not just because of the physiological aspects of exertion but because exercise opens them up to new environments, and has a social aspect with the neighborhood and socializing with other dogs. The benefits of exercise are huge, so make the effort to find time to exercise your dog. Plus, it’s also a great way to bond with your pet too. Another great benefit of exercising is that your pet can learn more about social behavior with other dogs and people, and that’s a crucial aspect to consider.


Lots of pets simply love playing with toys, and there’s a good reason for that. Most toys are more than just things to chew, they are great for mental stimulation, games and they challenge a pet’s mind. Of course, some toys are better than others at this, but the results are indeed spectacular in the end and that’s the most important aspect to consider in such a situation. Keep a variety of toys available, and most dogs will enjoy a rotation of toys. Just be mindful that when introducing a new type of toy to ensure the dog is supervised and follow the manufacturers advice on suitable toys for certain size and types of dogs. Finding the right balance of dog enrichment takes time, however most dogs will find the balance naturally and let you know if they are getting bored with too many, or too few toys.


Every pet needs a sense of obedience. After all, dogs and cats as well as other animals are pack animals and they respond to hierarchy which is very important. Most of the time obedience comes with self-control and mental alertness. If you create that sense of obedience you will have some amazing results. An obedient pet is one which is pleasure to have and one that you and others will want to spend time with. It does take a bit of time to instill a sense of obedience and confidence. Yet it will be worth it in the end.


A dog is dependent on you for every part of their life. As much as having a healthy and happy pet is absolutely amazing, sometimes our work, family, income or health situation changes, and this could mean that we can no longer provide the right environment for our dog to be healthy and happy. Reminding people of this great responsibility, particularly those considering pet ownership is a great way to ensure people with pets are looking after them the way they deserve.

As you can see, keeping your pet happy isn’t too difficult at all. It all comes down to fully understanding your pet and how he reacts. Based on that you will find some new, creative ways to deal with any issues that might appear. Thanks to these 5 essential ideas you will find it a lot easier to handle and nurture your pet.

While not all pets react the same to these ideas, they do tend to work very well most of the time. The idea is to adapt all of this to your pet’s own requirements. Adaptability is key if you want the best experience and enjoyment from your pet!